Meat Snacks

Jerky and meat snacks are among the most popular items for consumers and store sales. By offering your customers best-selling choices like Jack Link’s, Oberto Beef Jerky, Tillamook Country Smoker, and Old Trapper, Northland Premier has you covered.

  • Arizona Jack's Jerky
  • Ballpark
  • Cattleman's Cut
  • Chef's Cut
  • Country Archer
  • Desert Star
  • Duke's
  • Fatman's New Mexico Beef Jerky
  • Field Trip
  • Golden Island
  • Jack Link's Jerky & Meat Sticks
  • Jim Beam Jerky
  • Klements
  • Krave
  • Lawless
  • Lorissa's Kitchen
  • Lowrey's Jerky Canisters
  • Oberto Jerky
  • Old Santa Fe Trail New Mexico Beef Jerky
  • Old Trapper
  • Old Wisconsin Beef Sticks
  • Pacific Gold Reserve
  • Perky Jerky
  • Robertson's Beef Jerky
  • Slim Jim Giant Meat Sticks
  • Tillamook Country Smoker Jerky & Sticks
  • World Kitchens