Store Examples

Display Fixtures

We have a variety of attractive and space-efficient display racks available, free to our customers for products supplied by Northland. These fixtures are listed below, along with photos showing some fully-stocked with product. In addition to display racks, we also have pegboard hooks and clip-strips as needed for our products.

Jerky-portrait (1)

Jerky and Meat Snack Racks

  • 2' free-standing racks
  • 3' endcap racks
  • Wire power-wing side panels
  • Counter-top racks for unwrapped jerky jars
  • Tillamook floor stand for unwrapped jerky
  • Spinner racks for jerky bags
  • Clipstrip racks for jerky bags
  • Acrylic counter-top displays for jerky slabs
  • Acrylic counter-top displays for meat sticks
  • Wire clamp-on holders for packaged items

Nuts, Seeds, Trail Mixes, and Salty Snacks

  • Gondola Topper racks for tube nuts
  • Wire power panels
  • Free-standing chip racks
  • Free-standing peghook racks
Hispanic Candy


  • Free-standing shelved novelty candy racks
  • Tree display for jawbreakers on a stick
  • Free-standing peghook racks

Hispanic Candy and Snacks

  • Bins for small items like Lucas shakers
  • Free-standing peghook racks

Energy Shots and Tablets, Vitamins

  • Small and large counter-top shelved racks
  • Counter-top peghook racks